Book Launch Event

9 December 2018 - İstanbul

An increasing number of local movements deal with the issue of commons on various aspects. We see that the concept became much more popular in Turkey after the Resistance of Gezi. We prepared a publication this year on the politics of commons based on our experiences at the Right to Water Campaign which we conduct since 2010. We hope that the publication will be useful for those who are interested in the politics of commons in Turkey, particularly due to its focus on social movements and anticapitalist struggle.

Some of the contributors of book were present at the book launch event at Muaf Kadıköy. You can watch the videos of the meeting at this page in Turkish language. 

Economic Crisis in Turkey
and the Politics of Commons
as an Anticapitalist Alternative

20 September 2018 - Berlin

Turkey is going through a deep economics crisis. The roots of this crisis goes back to the economical model which was applied after the crisis of 2001 in Turkey and to the global competition for recources and hegemony. At this meeting which is organised by Civil and Ecological Rights Association in Berlin at the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation, we discuss with some of the editors and contributors of the book “The Politics of the Commons: from Theory to Struggle” and with Judith Dellheim from Rosa Luxemburg Foundation about the crisis in Turkey in a multi-dimensional approach in relation to its economical, political, ecological and international aspects. Beyond the character of the crisis itself, we discussed the possible answer of the working class and opposition in Turkey against the already declared austerity politics at the meeting. Furthermore we focused how and through which demands could it be possible to reject the negative impacts of the crisis based on the experiences of solidarity economics and politics of commons.